We Are Tumbleweeds

Something Nathaniel and I quickly realized on the Baja Peninsula is that it takes you twice as long to get anywhere as you would expect.

We’ve ridden about 500 miles in the past two days and they’ve been a long two days. Mex 1 runs through the center of a ton of small towns and they’ve constructed speed bumps and s-turns to keep trucks and tourist from blowing through at 70 mph.

Overall the asphalt has been wonderful and other than a few towns doing road construction a regular cruiser bike would be able to make the trip.

I’m sorry for the small number of photos on the blog thus far.

At the moment we are focused on making a boat in La Paz on the 15th which is why we haven’t had much time to stop and smell the tortillas.

We literally got up at 6:30am today – were driving by 8am and didn’t stop for the night till 4:30. Other than a quick taco/gas Mapstop in Guerro Negro it was all riding. 250 some odd miles of gorgeous desert, rolling hills and a roaring engine.

There was this beautiful sweeping turn on the way to Guerro Negro and as I came half way around it I saw a flock of vultures eating something just on the side of the road.

They started to rise up into the air as I barreled down on them and I didn’t have time to stop. Realizing how disastrous hitting an animal the size of a vulture could be I may have yelled inside my helmet.

I let go of the throttle and flattened myself on my gas tank praying that extra foot of space was enough to go underneath them. It was – but it was a close call that left me rattled for a few minutes.

Today we leave Santa Rosalia and hope to get more than half way to La Paz.

2 Comments on “We Are Tumbleweeds

  1. Try Casa Buena in La Paz they have secure parking, decent price and Milton is a great guy! Rancho Viejo has the best tacos in town, everyone knows where it is just ask. Belisariao Dominguez & Sinaloa.

    • Dave,
      We ended up at Baja backpackers hostel, which has great parking in the back and is wallet friendly. We ate at Rancho Viejo a night ago and were not disappointed, other then taco stands it is the best food we have had here. Thanks for the tips!

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