Before we began planning Autopista End Nathaniel and I were already very well traveled. It was one of the things that first attracted us to one another.

Before we began planning Autopista End Nathaniel and I were already very well traveled. It was one of the things that first attracted us to one another. Before leaving on Autopista End Nathaniel had traveled 11 countries and I had traveled 24. (Photo: Alex Washburn)

Several Months ago Nathaniel and I were lying side by side staring at the ceiling of our nice apartment and mentally preparing to go back to our nice jobs the following day. Jobs- made possible by our nice college educations, stable lives and generally agreeable existence.

Despite all of this we had this overwhelming sense of being overwhelmed and sad. As I write this I realize it could be called bored housewife syndrome. There’s no particular thing that should be causing you to feel helpless or depressed but you do.

This is the ultimate #firstworldproblem.

Staring up into the dark Nathaniel inhaled a slightly deeper breath and in the form of a question said “We should just get some motorcycles and ride to Tierra Del Fuego.”

In our relationship and in life Nathaniel is very much an accountant and I am very much a photographer. When he is the one to come up with a nutty idea like taking up running, loosing insane amounts of weight or riding to Tierra Del Fuego there is no backstop for the idea to bounce off of. The idea just keeps going.

I laid there thinking… I inhaled deeply a few times to respond with “But we…” and realized there was no truly logical reason why we couldn’t make this happen.

We could afford it.
I speak spanish.
Our apartment was month to month.
My Mom could watch the cat.

“Yeah, okay. We can do that.” And we went to sleep.

The next day I presented Nathaniel with a logical departure date based on weather patterns and life events and a list of entry requirements for every South American country. I began bombarding him with travel concerns and logistics and his wide-eyed look usually reserved for my most frustrating and insane plans started to get bigger and bigger.

We had to have at least one more discussion about the trip before that look of his disappeared but it really didn’t take that long.

After our decision was truly made the path to actually leaving was made up of a relatively basic but long check list.

First: We needed motorcycles.

6 Comments on “Why

  1. Awesome! My husband and I recently made a decision to quit our jobs and travel the world. We are leaving for Costa Rica in December and will stay there for a few months before heading further south.
    I was hesitant at first with a lot of “what if” questions but soon realized that “what if” we never had an amazing adventure was of bigger concern.
    We figured out how to make an income online by following some really simple training so money will not be a concern and now we are in the process of donating everything we own.
    I’m looking forward to reading and following the rest of your adventures!

  2. Thanks Kristin!

    And congratulations to you and your husband for making it happen!

  3. The professor feels there’s something to that freedom thing. It is innate in all! Throw those cares to the wind which is fleeting as is life…

  4. Alex, i cannot agree with you more on this “bored housewife syndrome” because i have that from time to time. You two totally inspired me. That’s why i decided it’s time to finish my CPA studying so i can take my next adventure. Your blog will be one of my go-to-places for breaks in between my studies. Reading it is as if i am with you on this trip, so exciting! Please update more often and with more pictures! Wish you two the best luck and be safe!

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